Free QOV Quilt Pattern

Hello Friends!

What better way to celebrate July if you’re a quilter than to sew a patriotic quilt for a veteran? Sewing, quilting and honoring our veterans with a Quilt of Valor® has always been important to me.  I designed United, a free quilt pattern to give you the opportunity to honor a veteran.  I have linked the Quilts of Valor Foundation website HERE.  Please take the time to scroll through their website and learn how the foundation began and where it is now with over 300,000 quilts awarded.  You can find a local group in your area HERE to donate your finished quilt to or you can contact a state coordinator HERE if there are no local groups near you.  They would be honored to award your quilt to a wonderful veteran and register it with the foundation.  If you are a QOVF member and choose to award your finished and labeled Quilt of Valor to a special veteran, you will report the award HERE. Please read on the foundation website the criteria for a veteran to receive a Quilt of Valor.  If you would like to support the Quilts of Valor Foundation with membership, you can do that HERE.  

The United Quilt was designed for beginner/intermediate quilters.  Please email us if you have any questions about the pattern directions. 

You can download your FREE copy of United HERE

We would love to see pictures of the quilt you make by tagging us on your instagram post @catalinahomegrown or using the hashtag #CHGUnitedQuilt

My family on both my parents sides immigrated to the United States long before it was know as the United States.  We will never know the circumstances of their immigration in the 1600’s but they made a life for themselves and their future generations.  We are blessed to live in the United States and are honored to support our veterans through the Quilts of Valor Foundation.  

Happy Sewing!