Meet Jackie and Amanda

“Like mother, like daughter.” Thats how the saying goes right?!?
Well… we couldn’t agree more!

Hi everyone!

My name is Jackie. So glad you stopped by! My husband and I retired to sunny, HOT southern Arizona a few years back, but prior to that we lived in upstate New York. I love living near my children now, which gives us tons of time with our grandkids!

When I am not sewing or quilting, you will find me spending my days outside. Growing up, I learned all about gardening, canning, and how to love the outdoors! I became a self taught seamstress and quilter after getting married, sewing most of my children’s clothing and my own for a long time. Sharing all the things that I love with my daughter, is how our adventure began!

Favorite Thing I’ve Ever Made: My daughter’s smocked First Holy Communion dress
First Sewing Project: A navy blue polyester jumper in 8th grade
Number of Kids: 2
Any Animals? 4 grand-puppies 
If You Could Live Anywhere: Wherever there was water and mountains
Favorite Adventure:  It’s a tie between hiking the Grand Canyon and Alaskan halibut fishing 
Most Cherished Family Tradition: Christmas Eve when the kids were still at home

Hey guys!

My name is Amanda, and I am the other half of this duo. I spent 7 years teaching art integration in both DC and AZ and I am now grateful to spend my days at home with my 2 sons  and our dog Moose. 

I have always thrived in a creative environment and knew from a young age I wanted to do something that challenged that creativity. It wasn’t until I moved to Albuquerque and really had time to dive into sewing that I realized I loved it! A whole new door had opened. I am sure my husband was just rolling his eyes at ANOTHER craft habit to fund (because lets be real I love ALL things crafty). My new hobby soon turned into an Etsy business with my mom (because she’s also a fabric hoarder!) and well here we are today…  

When I am not locked in my studio, I am spending time gardening with my son, hiking and exploring the Sandia Mountains with my family, and building our dream farmhouse outside of Albuquerque.  

Favorite Snack To Munch On: Cookies! Always!
Any Tattoos? Nope
Favorite Band: Hanson fan for life!
Dream Vacation: Road Tripping to all the National Parks
Collections: Thimbles… from all the vacations my family goes on WITHOUT me!
Biggest Fear: Fish!
Favorite Thing To Sew? All the garments! Love building my me-made wardrobe


A giant thank you to Nic Dudek Photography @Nicddkphoto for capturing these pics of us!! You guys she is truly amazing at what she does!!!